May 2, 2018

The End of the Semester

By CASSANDRA SWIHART TOWER Staff Writer Here at Bethany, the warmer weather this week has come as a pleasant shift from the unseasonable cold that has […]


April 11, 2018

The Sin of Sinclair Broadcasting?

By CASSANDRA SWIHART TOWER staff writer Throughout the United States, larger cities broadcast local newscasts to people within their specific viewing area. These newscasts share national […]


May 9, 2018

“To Better the Man”

By JALEN HECKSTALL TOWER Staff Writer Greek Life at Bethany College is a big deal on campus. There are a total of 7 fraternities and sororities […]


May 9, 2018

Student-Athletes Celebrate the Year with the SAAC Banquet

By ASHLEY DUTHIE TOWER Staff Writer Many awards were awarded to student-athletes and their teams on campus at the Student Athletics Advisory Committee (SAAC) Banquet. Awards […]


March 6, 2018

Bethany Brothers Black Panther Bond

By LANCE JOHNSON TOWER staff writer The movie world has gone crazy in the last couple years with new super hero movies. Marvel has been setting up […]