August 3, 2017

Keresty Lecture Speaker: Danny Rubin

BY: Spencer Patterson BETHANY W.Va. During Communications week I had the privilege to attend a speech on strategies on how to better your job search.  The speaker, […]
August 2, 2017

Keresty Lecture Summary: Danny H. Rubin

By: Ben Gavlik Bethany, W.Va. – On Wednesday, September 27th, award-winning author Danny H. Rubin visited Bethany College to talk about business communication skills. This was […]
August 1, 2017

It’s On Us: The 56th Annual Communications Week

BY: EVAN BYRNE BETHANY W.Va. The week of September 25th brings many things to Bethany. These many things include the vast group of alumni who will be […]
April 10, 2017

Welcome Home Bethanians

BY: EVAN BYRNE  BETHANY W.Va. “Welcome Home Bethanians” has been echoed around the Old Main Halls and all the way to Alexander Campbell’s Mansion as the […]
April 2, 2017

Phi Mu Held 3rd Annual 3 on 3 Event

BY: KRISTEN EWING  BETHANY, W.Va. On Sunday, April 3, the sisters of Phi Mu held a successful philanthropy event raising a total of $800. The event was […]
April 1, 2017

Greeks to Have a Busy Spring Semester!

 BY: EVAN BYRNE  BETHANY W.Va. From the first Fraternity Oscars called ‘Froscars’ to Greek Sing, Campus Clean-up, and many more events, the Greek Community at Bethany […]
February 5, 2015

Students Return to Campus from Spring Break Travels – Where Did They Go?

BY: EVAN BYRNE  BETHANY W.Va. – From Ireland to Costa Rica and then to the States! Students make their travels back to Bethany at the end of […]
February 3, 2015

Bethany College: A Little Piece of Magic

BY: ALEXIS DENGLER BETHANY W.Va- Bethany College was founded in 1840 by Alexander Campbell, a devout believer in Christ. The college was founded during the Restoration movement […]
February 2, 2015

Greek Life at Bethany College

BY: MEGAN LINDLEY BETHANY W.Va – It means something to be a Bethanian.  There is a certain grand history that is tied to the college.  When you […]